Translation and interpretation into English and Norwegian


Interpretations are in demand at business meetings, conferences, seminars, during talks with officials. The interpretation of proper quality affects the level of cooperation between authorities of different countries, successful implementation of international projects, establishment and development of Public Diplomacy.

Our guide interpreter has taken part in international projects in tourism, education, culture, officials’ contacts, cooperation between competent authorities.

The success of interpretation is evidenced by participation in the following international projects: Arctic Skills, Oytun Folkehoyskole, Stellaris Dans Teater, Halogaland Teater, traffic administration of Russia and Norway, border services of Russia and Norway.   


We make translations of all kinds from Russian into English, Norwegian and vice versa (notarial certification can also be arranged). 

We perform double quality control of your order, translate documents both for individuals and legal entities.


  • Technical documentation – statements of work for design and reports;
  • Business documentation – commercial quotations, pamphlets, letters, contracts and etc;
  • Advertising documentation – flyers, slogans, brochures;

Service Order

For service please contact our company’s employees in any convenient way