Foreigners are entitled to run business in Russia under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the regulatory documents, entrepreneurship shall only be possible upon the registration with the Tax Service. The registration procedure can be followed on its own or with the assistance of competent experts of our company.

In the first case, the registration will take a great deal of time to prepare and submit the documents. There is, however, a risk of making a mistake due to lack of knowledge of the local legislation and being denied on formal grounds as a result.

To avoid this, you should make use of the service provided by our company Arctic Travel Guides, LLC. For over five years, our experts have assisted in registration and followed this procedure within the term stipulated by the law with no extra efforts from you.


The Civil and Tax Codes of the Russian Federation as well as federal laws shall stipulate the two ways of doing business:

  • By registration of an individual entrepreneur. It can be a citizen of a foreign country who has received either a temporary or permanent residence permit in Russia. The individual entrepreneur shall not be a legal entity and may not conduct certain types of business activities and have also other restrictions.
  • By registration of a limited liability company (OOO). OOO shall be a legal entity and the establishment of a company shall allow to conduct nearly all possible business activities. Any foreign person may become a founder of a limited liability company regardless of whether they permanently live in Russia or have a permit for temporary or permanent residency.          

Advice on what form of business entity to choose to do business in Russia can be got from our managers via telephone or in other convenient way.

It is also necessary to choose the taxation system while in the registration process. Taxes can be assessed and paid at a chosen tax rate under the simplified system of taxation or under the general taxation system with assessment and payment of an income tax and VAT. Our experts will assist to choose a taxation method and give advice on the tax burden optimization in legal ways.

Registration Ways

There are two ways of the registration of an entrepreneur to do business:

  • With no presence of a founder
  • With the presence of a person who will be acting as a founder of OOO

In case of registration without the presence of a founder all actions shall be done by the employees of our company. It takes a customer to provide a passport translated into Russian and legalized in the appropriate manner as well as an excerpt from the legal entity register should a company act as a founder.

The registration procedure shall be as follows:

  1. Our experts prepare the documents necessary for registration and send them to a founder for signature.
  2. After the document has been signed, it shall be legalized in the appropriate manner and translated into Russian. The procedure depends upon the country of the foreigner. The documents can be certified in the Consulate and Embassy of Russia in the territory of another country.
  3. The signed, translated, and legalized documents shall be sent to our company. We shall submit the package to the Tax Service and receive the registration certificate in the 5-day period established by law.
  4. Upon receipt of the certificate, the entrepreneur shall be registered with the Social Security Fund and Pension Fund of Russia as well as statistics authorities.
  5. There shall be a bank settlement account opened and a seal made for your enterprise.
  6. In case of registration with the presence of a founder, a foreigner founder needs to arrive in Russia for a day. The founder accompanied by our employee shall take the necessary actions, certify and sign the documents. After that, with no presence of a founder, the documents shall be submitted to the Tax Service, Socials Security Fund, Pension Fund, Statistics.

It is also possible to solely prepare the documents for business registration under the legislation of the Russian Federation. After that the founder shall follow the procedure for registering with the tax authorities and funds.   

Additional services for business support

Arctic Travel Guides, LLC provides comprehensive services for foreigners willing to do business in the Russian Federation. Aside from the assistance in the registration of an entrepreneur, we can help find competent experts:

  • To keep accounting records and submit tax report documents, keep personnel records, run payroll calculations and pay the payroll tax to the budgets;
  • To provide legal services and comprehensive legal support of companies employed in doing business in our country.

To order the service contact our employees in any way you see appropriate.

Service Order

For service please contact our company’s employees in any convenient way