Our tour begins in the morning. We pick you up from the place you're staying at in Murmansk in order to set out on an adventurous journey to the old village of Teriberka located in the northeastern part of the Kola Peninsula. Before you feel the Arctic Ocean's breath and power, we'll show you the vast and magnificent landscapes of the Arctic land. We want to share the feelings, sounds, and breath of the Arctic with you, and casually show you the incredible grandeur of this northern land.

Here you can see a treeless forest, rivers and lakes covered with ice, snowy expanse of the boundless tundra, local art objects, waterfall that runs into the Arctic Ocean, and learn more about the past and the present of Teriberka.

On the way to Teriberka, the industrial and urban landscapes of Murmansk gradually change to forests and tundra.

Ready to visit this fascinating place? Teriberka is waiting for you!

  • Listen the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean crush against stones of most peculiar shapes.
  • Walk at the shore of the Arctic Ocean. Why not leave your footsteps on the sand beach?
  • Ride a snowmobile across the snowbound tundra and right to the waterfall that runs straight into the Arctic Ocean.
  • Take a photo of the debris of old ships with broken hulls that tell their dramatic stories.
  • Try sea delicacies in a restaurant at the seashore, drink some Arctic beer, take surreal photos with the local landscape in the background, listen to the silence of the great tundra's boundless expanse, feel the might of the Arctic Ocean, get inspired and…

Do you like nature, history, and extreme activities?

If you do, our tour to Teriberka is just what you're looking for!

It's our job to share all the impressions one can get at this truly magical place.

PRICE: 5500 rubles per person
DURATION: 8-10 hours
SEASON: All year round


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Relax and get inspired.
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