Transfer around the Kola Peninsula

Why would you want this service?

First off, for calmness and confidence. Knowing that the transfer is arranged, our tourists have no concerns they might get lost, not be able to leave or be tricked.

  • Usually, our guide along with the driver meet tourists at a destination point carrying signs with the guest name and our company’s name on them.
  • After meeting tourists, we see them to the car. We give a hand with the luggage and get it to the necessary place.
  • Upon request, a trip can be added with the excursion where one can get to know the peculiar features of our country, Murmansk and Murmansk Region, currency rate, sight attractions, climate features, and other useful information.

We offer both individual and group transfers around the Kola Peninsula, transfer to the airport or railway station.

All trips are carried out by comfortable and reliable cars and vans of Mercedes

Order Service

Order the meeting at the airport and you will be quietly confident