What is interesting in Kirovsk?

The town of Kirovsk is a mecca for mountain skiers and snowboarders in Murmansk Oblast.

It's a unique place on the Kola Peninsula that gathers thousands of mountain skiers from all over the world every year. This is the place where the season of skiing and snowboarding is at its longest – as other regions witness the end of the season, the Kirovsk mountains remain covered in snow.

Kirovsk is situated in the Kola Peninsula's center, so you'll get a good chance to enjoy the Kola nature as the tour goes on. Ski resort is not the only reason to visit Kirovsk, since the town is also a cornerstone of Murmansk Oblast's mining industry. You can visit the museum and exhibition center of JSC Apatit to learn more about the industry and find out how large and important it is.

Both individual travelers and families will surely like an excursion to the one-of-a-kind Snow Village, an amazing project that started back in 2008. The construction starts in the end of every year's autumn when there's enough snow to build it.

The concept of the Snow Village is exceptional, and each season brings new images that embody their creators' ideas. Every year sees a new snow structure with its halls, passages, intricate drawings, and special vibes. Each of the snow figures can tell you something about the Arctic, Murmansk, Russia, natural phenomena, local traditions, and everyday life.

The Snow Village made it to the Russian Book of Records as the largest enclosed one-piece snow structure with an area of 2014 square meters.

We invite you to visit this amazing man-made structure.

Preparation for the tour:

We thoroughly prepare every tour. We arrange each of them in the most optimal way so that you can make the most of your trip.

We can offer you food (hot tea and snacks) on our way to the place. We will also provide you with the relevant equipment (clothes, shoes, headwear) and photo gear (camera, charge stations) if necessary.

Here's how the tour goes:

The tour begins in the morning. We pick you up from the place you're staying at in Murmansk to set out on an adventurous journey to the center of the Kola Peninsula. Before you see the beauty and grandeur of Khibiny mountains, we'll show you the ever-changing landscapes of the Kola land. We will share the feelings, sounds, and breath of the Arctic with you.

When going to Kirovsk, you can feel the Kola land's vastness and power, and learn of the nature's riches hidden in its deep. If you're familiar with geology, a trip to Kirovsk will be your way of discovering this local El Dorado rich in natural treasures.

If you like nature, relish the process of discovering and learning things, and enjoy mountain skiing, this trip will not leave you uninspired!

Relax and get inspired. Discover the Arctic.

Book a tour and come here to see the Kola land's natural and man-made objects. There is one thing that's better than mountains, and it's mountains that we haven't climbed!

PRICE: 6000 rubles per person
DURATION: 10-12 hours
SEASON: all year round


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