What is interesting in the Saami village?

When visiting other countries or regions, we usually think of indigenous peoples who lived in those territories for many years. The Saami are the indigenous people of the Far North and Murmansk oblast.

Would you like to learn more about this small-in-numbers yet always proud and self-sufficient ethnic group?

If you like the idea, we invite you to go visit the Saami.

Here, in a purpose-built village situated in the central part of the Kola Peninsula, you can learn of the Saami's everyday life, trades, traditions, beliefs, and habits.

The Saami village perfectly fits in with the harsh northern nature, with the natural trade of reindeer herding being an integral part of the locals' lives. Not only can you take a close look at reindeer, but you can also feed them and ride a traditional Saami sled pulled by these friendly animals. Make sure you take a keepsake photo with these lovely creatures to remind you of this amazing place!

You'll get a chance to make a wish at the mighty Saami idols. Legend has it that a shaman woman left a part of her power here. As our tourists say, the wishes they made have really come true.

And you might want to take part in a shaman rite yourself. Why not? We'll give you the opportunity.

As a conclusion to our tour, we'll play active Saami games in the open air.

  • Try to lasso deer antlers.
  • Play Saami football.
  • Put on traditional Saami suits and take some lovely photos.

If you're interested in doing some of that, it's time you met the Saami.

Of course, there's no point in coming here if you're not going to try the Saami cuisine: Saami fish soup, venison (the key ingredient of the cuisine), and warming tea made from beneficial northern herbs. How about a dessert with cloudberry, the queen of the northern berries?

Getting to know the Saami is fascinating, interesting, and tasty! Let's meet them!

PRICE: 5500 per person
DURATION: 7 hours
SEASON: all year round


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