The good old ways of getting around have now evolved into a thrilling and extraordinary entertainment for both kids and adults. Sleds are pulled by Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, and Greenland dogs.

The first written record about dog sled races dates back to 1850 when such competitions were held by travelers. The race route ran from Winnipeg to St. Paul.

Not every dog-related sport helps you achieve the level of drive and tension that dog sled races do. Having originated in the North America as an entertainment for dog sled drivers, such races has now become a competing event at the Winter Olympic Games that unites millions of fans. There are more than 5000 dog sled riders in the world, from the USA and Canada to the SAR, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

You can feel like a professional racer and have fun, too!

The first 250km race named “Beringiya" was held in the USSR’s Kamchatka in 1990.

Set out on an Arctic adventure on a dog sled!

When riding a sled pulled by Siberian and Greenland huskies, you experience the traditional yet thrilling way of getting around and contemplate the magnificent natural landscape of the Arctic at the same time.

PRICE: 4500 rubles per person
DURATION: 3-4 hours
SEASON: all year round


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